How a Daily Schedule Made The Mom Life 10x Easier

How a Daily Schedule Made The Mom Life 10x Easier

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Delaney Thornton

For a whole entire freakin’ year, I was a messy, unorganized, unstructured new mom. It worked for me up until recently… now? Not so much. My stress levels were through the roof trying to be a mom, go to school, and run my business with no structure. It sounds impossible, and it almost was. So one day I thought to myself… How do I make this work? How do I wake up early, exercise, work from home effectively, teach, feed, bathe my daughter, keep her entertained + out of trouble, shower, eat, do chores + errands, omg my head is spinning… How do I find the time?! And that, my friends, is the night I wrote out my schedule for the next day down to every detail…

What My Schedule Looks Like

Here’s an example of one day out of the week might look like for me (Btw, Bean is what we call our daughter, I copied this directly from my phone lol):

This schedule is for a day where I don’t have a photo session, class, appointment, or meeting up with a friend

  • 8 AM -845 – wake up, coffee, morning yoga, research/phone business
  • 845-915 – wake Isla, breakfast, change diaper
  • 915-10 – independent play for Isla, work on blog, edit photos
  • 10-11 – story time, sorting activity, art for Isla
  • 11-1145– shower + clean up
  • 1145- 1230PM– blues clues for bean, clean up
  • 1230- 1 – lunch
  • 1-3 – nap time for Isla, meditation, back pain + stress relief yoga, business – work on nursery decor, message clients, organize binder – get SOMETHING done for photog business, back up photos, work on blog
  • 3pm-4– outdoor play with Isla , swim & play in yard
  • 4-515– clean with Isla (teach chores)
  • 515-615 – dinna time
  • 615-7- Clean + Isla plays
  • 7-745 – Bath time, get ready for bed
  • 745-9 – Play, wind down, story time, bed
  • 9-12 or 1AM – ME TIMEEE. finish up work for the day, night time yoga, read, Netflix, goodnight

Believe me, I know this is an overwhelming schedule and it seems like I left no room to breathe. But this works so well for me. I use Google Keep for all of my lists + schedules directly from my phone and then transfer them to paper. This app really helps me organize my thoughts and is always readily available because, ya know, this millennial is glued to her phone 😉 Convenience is key. I’ll tell you everything scheduling has done for me in the next section…

{If you plan on writing your schedule in a notebook like me, I use these gel pens + this notebook – I love Elum products}

How Scheduling Changed My Life

I’m going to list this one too, everyone likes a good, easy-to-read list 😉

  1. I feel well-rested
  2. I am wayyyy more productive + get wayyyy more done
  3. My daughter gets more attention + gets to learn more
  4. I have designated “me time” so I don’t feel guilty
  5. I don’t have that overwhelmed, “I can’t do this”, “I don’t know what to do first” feeling. And belive me, that was a shitty feeling.
  6. I eat healthier since I have time to plan meals
  7. I feel better physically, mentally, + emotionally because I make time to do yoga, exercise, + meditate.
  8. I feel happier

Annnnnd #8 is THE most important in order to have a successful life. I really hope this article and my schedule works for you!

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