Delaney + Jake | Spring 2017 Gender Reveal Session | PA

It’s….. a….. BOY! I can already see the trucks, dirt, and Delaney + Jake stepping on legos all day 😉 PS: I knew it. I knew it from the very beginning. I said “Delaney, you’re having a boy, I hope you know that”. I was so excited to do this shoot mainly because it was my first gender reveal, and also because we were using SMOKE BOMBS (get them here for a baby girl or here for a baby boy). I practically begged her to do this. Then two weeks later I already had another smoke bomb gender reveal session booked! Lemme just say, as a photographer, and hard-core Pinner, smoke bombs are quite possibly the biggest trend in 2017 for photography (along with milk baths and I’m dying to do one). I see them in not only gender reveals, but in bridal photography, and maternity sessions as well. I recently stumbled upon a smoke bomb gender reveal photo that used purple instead of pink for a girl, I was like WOAH, I’m doing that next time.

Anyway, back to Delaney + Jake. We had some problems arise during this session, in which you’d have no idea by the look of the photos. For one, Delaney fricken’ burned her finger on the smoke bomb. I felt so bad. The only reason I didn’t do it is because I didn’t think I’d have time to run back and get my camera ready to shoot, because those things don’t last very long. Then, the wind took the smoke in the wrong direction. Thank goodness she bought a few trial ones to practice. Who knew as a photographer, you’d have to be meteorologist as well. No, I didn’t lick my finger and feel for a breeze, but it was still an annoying process. Either way, the photos turned out perfect + little Bentley is almost here!

You can view their pregnancy announcement pictures here 🙂

Delaney Thornton

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