How To Have The Best Baby Shower Gift on a Budget

How To Have The Best Baby Shower Gift on a Budget

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Delaney Thornton

I absolutely love putting together baby shower gifts. I don’t know if I’ll ever have another of my own and I just can’t resist all of those adorable baby things! I always follow the same ritual when it comes to putting together an amazing gift. This process never fails, and not only do I make the mama really happy, but all the other guests love them too. So, I’ll just get right down to my step-by-step, foolproof strategy!

Step 1: Themes, themes, themes!

This is where you start because it’s also how the whole darn gift comes together. Ask mom if she has a theme planned for baby’s nursery, if not, ask if there are any themes she likes. The three gifts I’ll be talking about in this post have owl, giraffe, and mermaid / unicorn themes. I loved finding stuff to go with them all! Some popular themes this year are rustic woodland and nautical for boys, and bohemian style, flowers + teepees, and sea creatures. You should also ask about colors, they make a big difference. My friend did an owl theme, but specifically a grey, white, and tan color scheme. Once you get this figured out, the rest is a breeze! It also stops you from buying anything and everything like I used too 😉

Step 2: Shop clearance!

The key to this is to start early. I’m talking the second you get invited to the shower early. This is because clearance can be a hit or miss. So start early so you can find the best bangs for your buck! My favorite places to shop clearance are Babies R Us, Target, Kohl’s, + Homegoods. Every item in these pictures (except the last one) I got for less than $5. Babies R Us has an excellent clearance selection. They’re already usually 50% off on the clearance rack, and then sometimes they offer an extra 40-50% off. You just have to go at the right time.

Step 3: Find some special items

These are the ones you’ll spend a little more money on, but they will be unique. How many times during the gift opening part of the shower does the mom-to-be open a gift before yours that has some of the same things in it?! It’s so annoying and makes your gift less special. Why buy a gift that will get returned when you can get one that no one else will find and mom will remember forever? I paid full price for the little giraffe closet dividers and sleep sack, and the unicorn hooded towel because they were specific to the theme. My two favorite places to find unique items, are Homegoods and Amazon. The unicorn hooded towel was purchased on Amazon, and it’s so cute.

Here are some adorable items I found for you on Amazon that will mean so much to mom-to-be!

I separated them by theme

Woodland (Boy)

Nautical (Boy)

Boho (Girl)


Step 4: Hand make something!

I love making something special with the baby’s name on it for the nursery. It’s fun and definitely the hit of the shower. String art is one of my favorite things to make, and you can make one too with my tutorial here. I also like to hand make my cards, its cute and it saves money! If you don’t feel like making your own, I do sell them 😉 you can check it out here.

Step 5: Registry

So many mamas work hard on their registry, so you should make sure you buy at least one or two things off of it. My strategy for this is to go to their registry, and hit the Sort By, and then change it to Price Low to High, and buy the cheapest item or items. Ha! Can’t say you didn’t buy from their registry now 😉

Step 6: Use a basket or tote to put the gifts in!

Baskets. Are. Everything. They bring the whole thing together! Why waste your money on a bag + tissue paper, or box + wrapping paper when they are just going to get thrown out? I mean I keep my christmas and birthday gift bags, because I know I’ll know use them again, but baby showers are few and far between, and are usually gender specific and not worth keeping. When people look at the gift table, they will look at the nicely decorated one that are in baskets. Then, if you want, you can use cellophane wrap and ribbon to dress it up even more! I love baskets the most because mom can use it as storage for the nursery! I was so thankful for the baskets I received because of many things I had to organize. It’s the best way to do it. I got all of mine from Homegoods.

Here are some cute ones from Amazon!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial!







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