How I Went From Exclusively Pumping to Exclusively Breast Feeding In One Day

After exclusively breastfeeding my daughter for the first few days, I decided to take a break and start pumping. Unfortunately, I got addicted to the pump because it didn’t hurt and I had the reassurance of knowing how much milk I was producing. I did it for three months all day and then breastfed her at night one time, sometimes not at all. Then, I woke up one morning and just did not feel like going to wash bottles and pump parts with a hungry baby and her annoyed daddy who had to get up for work. I just picked her up, brought her to bed, whipped out the boob, and even though it hurt, I realized how much time and energy I saved by doing it. Then I started thinking… I never wanted to wash a bottle again.

I never wanted to use that tiny brush to get in the little membranes and tubes.

I never wanted to hear that awful robotic, suctioning noise again, or feel like a damn cow.

I never wanted to worry about finding a place to pump while I was out or find a way to keep the milk cool.

I was tired of doing all that work just for someone else to feed her.

Most importantly, I wanted to breast feed and wondered how I got to this point, so I did it! I never pumped again, and here’s how…

How I Went From Exclusively Pumping to Exclusively Breast Feeding In One Day

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How I Threw The Pump Out And Exclusively Breastfed In One Day

It’s so simple, I swear.

Breathe through the pain…

After the revelation I had that morning, I decided that I really hated pumping. I just would not and could not go another day doing it. So, by the time the second feeding of the day came around, I breastfed her again. It hurt sooooo bad. I remember thinking oh yeah, this is why I pumped. Instead of running and screaming from the pain to get the pump, I worked through it. I breathed through it. Take deep breaths and keep telling yourself that the pain goes away because it will. It stopped hurting for me around day 3. I talked a lot about managing the painful parts of breastfeeding in this article. In case you don’t feel like going to another article, which I totally understand, here are the products I used and recommended to get you through the pain: nipple cream, nipple shields, + cooling gel pads.

Be consistent…

Do it as often as you can to get baby and your body used to the transition. It was so hard for me at first, but I did it. You also want to nurse a lot so you produce more and don’t have to worry about how much you’re making.

Leave the pump at home…

This one is difficult. After three months of exclusively pumping (pretty much), it became my safety blanket. Just like my inhaler, I swear if I forget that thing I can’t breathe. However, this is different, and it works. I went to visit my parents that day and I decided to leave the pump home. It was so daring, I felt like a badass mama bear. I knew I would throw in the towel if I was getting frustrated, so I gave myself no other option. Either I breastfeed or the baby starves, and it was an easy choice to make.

Make nursing easy for yourself…

Invest in some nursing bras, a nursing cover, nursing tanks, and dresses. Get all of them, or just one, any of it will make your life ten times easier and make you more likely to stick with it. Take it from someone who went in blind, I didn’t have these because I did this spontaneously, and I suffered for it. I had to bend my wired bras down or pull them up, which hurt like a B and broke my good bras >:( I wasn’t able to nurse in front of people (by personal preference of course) because I didn’t have a cover. The tanks and dresses are super convenient, too, because you don’t have to lift your shirt or dress up to nurse! All of them make nursing a breeze.

Keep telling yourself how great you’re doing…

When all is said and done, this is absolutely not an easy task. If you make this decision, then you are brave and you are a great mom. Pat yourself on the back and tell yourself you can do it when you feel yourself giving up. No matter what you think of yourself, I’m here to tell you that you’re amazing!


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