Ashley, Justin, + Stella | Summer 2017 Couple Session With Dog | NJ Cornfield Mini

Another cornfield session, but this one is a little different. This guy is one of my boyfriend’s longest friends, and definitely the last person I ever expected to ask me to take photos, but who wouldn’t want photos with their girl and dog when they’re as cute as this? They all did so well! Working with dogs is honest-to-God harder than children because they can at least understand English and take bribes (lol). We tried offering treats, but if mom and dad moved, so did Stella.

The goal for these sessions is to focus on the dog. I tell them that it’s their job to work with the puppy because she’s going to do what she wants. So while I flail my arms, whistle, and clap to try to get the her attention, Justin and Ashley just went with it. And, clearly, it worked! These pictures came out so well, you’d have no idea Stella wasn’t cooperating. That’s just part of my magic, I guess 🙂



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