5 Simple Steps to Eliminating Post Baby Shower Clutter

I’m really excited about this post for some weird reason… I guess just because I have lots of pictures and lots of advice to give! So, I’m assuming you’re either here because you or a friend have a shower coming up, orrrrrrr you’re already past that point and sitting in a mess of all things baby and don’t know what the hell to do. Well, you came to the right place. I was once in that position, so I sat down, de-stressed, and came up with a game plan. And that’s how I decluttered my gifts and ultimately what led me to writing this post 🙂 So, let’s not waste anymore time and get to it!

5 Simple Steps to Eliminating Post Baby Shower Clutter

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Delaney Thornton

Step 1: Keep it all in one room!

When me and my lovely family members, mostly my family members, I ain’t gonna lie, I was eating cake, brought the gifts back to my house I had them stack them all in one organized pile in the baby’s room. Okay, so as you can see below it wasn’t that organized, but at least it wasn’t an eyesore. I swear this helped keep the stress level down a little. If baby has a room or not, you should try to put everything in a room that isn’t frequently used like a guest room, basement or attic, if you don’t plan on organizing right away. If you do, then somewhere more convenient for you is better, like the living room or your bedroom. Oh, and if you already are past this part, aka sitting in turmoil, then make sure everything you have for baby is in the room with you!

Step 2: Give yourself a whole day to do this

This is not something that you’ll want to keep coming back to, you’ll want it all done right away. Luckily for me I had the whole weekend off, so Saturday was the shower, and Sunday was organization day. It’s a process, and most third-trimester pregos are going to need a break in between and afterwards, so a whole day is best!

Step 3: Dump out each bag or basket at a time, + sort

Assuming the person in charge of cleaning up during gift opening at the shower, if you haven’t had yours yet, this is something to consider – it helped me bunches, put all of the gifts back into the bag they came in to keep track of what came from who, it probably isn’t organized by category just yet. So this is the next step. Dump out the bag, or just take each item out one at a time, and separate them into different piles.

Here are what my categories looked like:
  • Clothes by size: NB, 0-3 months, 3-6 months, etc
  • Bath supplies: shampoo, body wash (the best smelling shampoo + conditioner), lotion, towels, wash cloths (the softest ones ever), toys, bath tub itself (I used this until she was about 7-8 months it’s the best), etc.
  • Grooming/ first aid: nail clippers, brushes, combs, nasal aspirators, medicine administers, baby medicine of any kind, Q-tips etc. Here is the grooming kit I got + still use!
  • Diapering: diapers (I wouldn’t stock up on too many newborn because they grow out of them fast), wipes, rash cream, powders, extra lotion (the BEST lotion to go with the best shampoo and body wash)
  • Hats, bibs, + socks: this might be different for you, but all the little baby accessories went in the same place for me. Kinda.
  • Toys/ stuffed animals: Any toy, stuffed animal, or lovey that baby can have right away
  • Binkies/ teethers: also put binkie clips in there too.
  • Books: Assuming they’re not getting thrown in with the toys. This is my favorite and my 16 month old still reads it 🙂
  • Feeding: Breast pump (call your insurance company and ask for one, I got mine for free) + accessories, bottles, formula, formula mixer (I didn’t formula feed, but my friends loved these), bottle warmers, etc
  • Blankets: I had a special basket for these.
  • Bedding/ Nursery decor: sheets, changing pad covers, sheet protectors, pillows, bumpers and railing covers, curtains, wall deco, etc
  • Keepsakes: baby memory books (my favorite), ornaments, picture frames, etc
  • Stuff for the car: Window shades, car seat strap covers and head bumpers, baby on board signs, etc
  • Stuff that won’t be used for awhile: sippies (my fave transitional cup, went from breast right to this and she got it right away), spoons + forks, bibs made specifically for solid foods, toys for older babies, etc
  • Big Stuff: Stroller + Car seat (get a travel system and save money, I repeat get a travel system), Rock n Play (best thing ever for co-sleeping), bouncer, swing, play mat, crib, crib mattress, etc

Step 4: Put each pile into it’s own bag

Now that you’re done sorting, put each pile into it’s own bag to keep it separated. This ensures that all your hard work stays that way, and when you get the nursery set up, it’s all ready to go. When I set the nursery up, which was enough to make my hair turn gray, I only had to look in one place to put stuff away. It was heavenly. Not to mention I spent my birthday doing this (5 days before my due date), so I wanted to make sure I got done early enough to celebrate with my man and my family. Especially since our time without baby was limited. Believe me, if I had to sort stuff after I just got done setting up the nursery, and moving furniture around, I would have died. Literally.

Step 5: Set all the big stuff up + the little stuff will follow

So, this definitely does not have to be done in the same day. But, the day you do decide to get started on setting up the nursery, this will all make it 100x easier. I’d say start with the crib because 1. it definitely is the hardest to set up with all the screws and heavy pieces and 2. it’ll be most likely be the one thing you want in a specific spot, so then you can move all the other stuff around it. It’s most definitely a two-person job, and certainly not a job a pregnant woman can do alone, so make sure either hubby or someone not pregnant (lol) is there to help you. Then if you’re using a dresser instead of a closet, I had both because I’m a fiend for extra storage space, move it to it’s place. Then, set up the changing table, which was not nearly as bad as I expected it to be. Then the diaper genie or whatever else you have, can go right next to it. See how it’s all coming together? If you have a rocking chair/ glider, move that next. Then, I’d say, set up all the smaller baby stuff like the bouncer, rock n play, humidifier, swing, etc. Last, set up all the extra storage like baskets, bins, or the plastic stackable drawers. After this all the smaller stuff has a place, AND it’s all organized by category. So easy. Okay, now it’s time to show you some of the organization ideas that I used for my daughter’s nursery!

I am a freak for “everything has a place, and there’s a place for everything”. I wanted to know the exact location for everything my baby owned. She needs a binkie? No prob, I know where it is. Another blanket? Got it! Darn, this breast pump flange needs to be washed… Here’s another! I seriously get stressed out so fast, so I’m constantly looking for ways to reduce it. This set up I came up with was an absolute time and stress saver, so I want to share it all with you guys! This is what I came up with…

1. A blankie basket!

This is more for cuteness than it is functionality, but I love it! I always knew where they were (oh, btw I’m speaking in past tense because my daughter is now 16 months, but I remember it all like it was yesterday) when baby poops or spits up on one and I needed a new one. Also when I did laundry, I threw them all in there right away to save space and then rolled them up. Easy, peasy… and adorable. Who doesn’t love a chalkboard basket?!?

2. Headbands and accessories galore!

I’m not gonna lie… this was the best part. I freakin’ love labeling things and these little chalkboard labels worked perfectly with my chalk markers! Not to mention, I finally found a spot for all 100+ (not kidding) headbands I stocked up on for my babe. I separated them by color so they were easy to find and she had one for every outfit 😉 Here she is on her first 3 days in the world… and each day with a new headband, lol.

It never got old! Now that she has hair, she wears these clips everyday. And, 16 months later, they still go in the same drawers as her headbands!

The other small stuff, the hats, bibs, and socks, went into a larger one below. It was all right next to the changing table as well, so it was ridiculously convenient. Change the baby, and then boom socks, headband, bib if needed, and she was ready to rock.

3. Changing Table!

Okay, so please forgive me for the lack of cohesiveness in wood grain, and the horrifying carpet, we moved not too long after this and I never got new pictures 🙁 I will have pictures in a few months when we convert her nursery to a big girl room, though! Excuse me while I cry.

Any who, I loved this set up. It looked neat and put together and I had everything I could possibly need during a diaper change. If you look closely, you’ll see the taller storage bins have onesies, shirts and pants, and sleepers. So on a normal day, all I had to do was hold her with my left hand to bend down and get anything from under the changing table and then even pick out an outfit for her all without having to move. It was glorious to say the least. If I got peed or pooped on, hand sanitizer was right there. I had all different kinds of rash cream, the diaper went right in the diaper genie to the left when I was done, I had lotion if she was dry, Q-tips, extra dipes + wipes, literally everything. I really recommend doing this if you have the space! The changing table organizer with the diapers stacked in it was a life saver. On the sides I put Q-tips (baby shaped), rash cream, and nail clippers. You can buy it here!

4. Books

Put them all in one place, it just makes it easier. I decided to organize by height because all the little ones got drowned out by the big ones. It was also easy to put back because I just had to compare sizes! Underneath in the elephant bin I have her teethers, binks (these are the best ones, my daughter still uses them. Also, they only sell these in packs of two at the store so here’s a pack of 6 because they go missing everyday lol), + paci clips. The white and pink one next to it has all my pumping accessories and nursing stuff in it. I can’t wait to buy this book shelf for my daughter’s play room!

5. Toys!

It’s never too early to start a toy box (or basket). I just liked everything being in one place. I new it was going to be awhile before she played with anything, but it was just a cute way to dress up the room 🙂 I also put her larger, handmade blankets in this basket because she wouldn’t be using them for awhile.

Okay, so that’s it! Here are the other parts of the nursery + thanks for reading:)



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