1 Change I Made That Tripled My Pinterest Views as a New Blogger


As a new blogger, getting your work out there does not have to be as tedious + grueling as it may be. Everything about starting a blog is rough, so when you finally get it all finished + you have some posts written up, you think everything is great, but wait, you’re missing something…


You need readers to have a successful blogging career. If you’ve done any prior reading on other blogs on social media must-dos, then you should already know that Pinterest is a major traffic-driver. Most bloggers, like me, rely on Pinterest for their readers. I refuse to pay $29.99 a month for an email marketing provider until I start to see some moula come in. My second month of blogging still hasn’t ended yet, so I’m very new + not at all worried that I haven’t made money yet.

I’ve had a personal Pinterest account for years, so I was already familiar with what kinds of things people liked + how it worked. Starting a business profile changed the game. I love being able to see every little stat about my pins, my profile, my boards + the traffic that I receive from Pinterest to my blog. I’ve really been using it to my advantage (I’ll write more about that soon). So, the other day I made a simple profile change + noticed that later that exact day, thanks to the glorious aforementioned analytics page, my Pinterest interaction tripled. Tripled. All I did was add a board showcase to my Pinterest profile. Now, I know a lot of you are going to leave after reading that because most of you have done this already, but for those that haven’t, keep reading!

As you can see that giant leap in pin impressions + traffic to my website was the exact day I added it. So, for newbies like myself, let me talk about more…

A board showcase is the big slideshow of boards at the top of someone’s profile. Honestly, it really changed my profile from amateur to professional with the click of a button. This is also a great way to get your material seen. Pinterest is great for driving traffic to your blog, but in order to get seen at all, you need to be madly + methodically pinning other peoples’ content. It’s so easy for your website Pins to get lost in your profile. If you have a board dedicated to your own content (as seen above, mine is Best of Through Delaney’s Lens), people will have to search through your boards to see it. With a board showcase, it will be the FIRST things they see when they visit your profile. My pins never really got repinned, even with all the group boards I’m in, now people are repinning my original content everyday! Okay, now that you get how great this feature is, let me tell you how to do it.

Go to your Pinterest Profile and click the settings button (the little gray gear in the top left corner), then go to the ‘profile’ tab, and click the edit button next to showcase. 

Then you can add any boards you want. I added the ones that my viewers repin the most from. Honestly, the more pins you have in a board the more repins you’ll get. My “Photography | Maternity” board gets 100+ saves a day and I only have 40 followers (hoping that changes soon, lol). So, that’s all she wrote. If any one reading this hasn’t made this change yet, I’m glad I’m the first one to convince you! Oh yeah, and if you want to follow me on Pinterest, click this little button 😉
Delaney Thornton

Thanks for reading!

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