20 Swoon Worthy Photographs for the Military Family

I want to start out by saying that I am not a military wife, but I honor the men + women who fight for our freedom. I also admire the women who stay home alone for months at a time while their husbands are on deployment, and even more so when they do this while starting a family. As a photographer myself, I am constantly on Pinterest looking for new + original photographs, + recently I stumbled upon a military maternity photo session that I just fell in love with.

I never had a reason to search for military photographs because 1. I am not a military wife + 2. I’ve never had the pleasure of taking photos for a military family. I hope one day I will, but for now, I thought I’d share all the beautiful photographs that I found. Whether you’re looking to get military themed pictures taken, a photographer looking for inspiration, or just admirers like me, these pregnancy announcement, maternity, + newborn photographs are too heartwarming not to see!

*I DO NOT own any rights to these photos, all of the photographers have been credited in the title, caption, + alt text of each photo, and can be found by hovering over each photo*

20 Swoon Worthy Photographs for the Military Family

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The Announcement

My all time favorite photo sessions are pregnancy announcements. I love getting to share the excitement with the happy parents-to-be, and I love how the photos are used to break the news. No one knows about the photos except the couple, the photographer, and maybe a few friends + family. It’s just such an exciting time for both the family + the photographer. Check out these adorable military announcements 🙂


Maternity is a close second on my list of favorites. The big bellies, the excitement for the baby’s arrival, the love that the mom + dad-to-be have for each other. I never leave a maternity session not feeling the love + baby dust.


And last, but not least, sweet little newborns. People go crazy over all the cute newborns wrapped in cheese cloth, lace, little crocheted outfits, but how about a fresh baby in uniform?


Check out these adorable military props for your photo sessions or just to have!

Thanks for looking, but more importantly, thank the photographers for their beautiful work, and the men + women in uniform who fight for our country everyday.

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