Delaney, Jake, + Baby Bentley | Fall 2017 Family + Newborn Session | NJ Pumpkin Patch

Baby Bentley has arrived! So if you’ve looked at my other photo sessions, you would have seen Delaney + Jake’s pregnancy announcement pictures, and their gender reveal pictures, and now these pictures, but no maternity?! That’s because the very day after Delaney booked her session at 35 weeks, this little guy decided to come! I was so surprised when I got the text, I couldn’t believe it. Well, here he is at almost two months old and still smaller than my daughter at birth, lol. I just love his little face. I can’t wait to continue to photograph him as he gets bigger!

This session is also the first of the pumpkin patch minis! I really love this farm more than others because the pumpkins aren’t out in an ugly dirt-filled field, but rather displayed around beautiful stone buildings. Can’t wait to see how what other gorgeous sessions this Fall brings!

Here are some adorable Fall outfits for your baby boy or girl


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