Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Infants + Young Toddlers

Great Christmas Gift Ideas for Infants + Young Toddlers

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So, I know this kind of post has been done time and time again, but it’s always good to post fresh ideas since toys and other things for babies and toddlers are constantly changing. It’s especially hard to buy for kids under 2 because they don’t understand Christmas, so you question whether or not you’re doing or buying too much. I currently have an 18 month old, and I think we did really well on gifts for her this year! She’s pretty advanced so we got her some gifts for two year olds. I also have a lot of good ideas for babies under one, too, so keep reading! PS: I have “visit my website for more ideas” on each graphic for social media purposes 😉

Gift Ideas for 0-6 month olds

This is a hard age group to buy for because they really don’t understand or care for anything you buy them at this point. You most likely are just buying them gifts because you want to, and not because you feel obligated. So here are some ideas for your special new baby!

1. Toys / Gear
  • Grow-With-Me play mat – this one is perfect if you don’t already have one because it grows with them as they get bigger unlike most of them that stop being used around 3-4 months.
  • Foam tile mat/yard – another gift that will grow with them. I like this one because it can be flat or you can build the sides up to keep them in.
  • Giraffe pillow/mat – This is cute for babies of all ages. It’s perfect for tummy time for newborns and I know that my 18 month old would love to play with it, too!
  • Boppy chair – just a cute floor seat for baby with a tray for snacks!
  • Bouncer – I just love how functional and modern this one from Skip Hop is.
2. Stocking stuffers

Stocking stuffers are perfect for smaller babies because all they have to do it pull them out of a stocking!

  • Socks – my baby NEVER has two matching socks. She always loses them, or I lose them. Socks are always a great idea! This specific one comes in a bunch of different packages of different colors and patterns for boys and girls!
  • Teethers – Every baby needs these
  • Pacifiers – Avent Soothies  or WubbaNub – when Isla was a little baby, she had about 6 WubbaNubs. These guys are just the advent soothie binkies (my daughter’s favorite still to this day) attached to adorable animals! A frequent complaint received from other moms was that their baby liked a different kind of binkie and wouldn’t take to the soothie. So, Christie from Lemon Squeezy Home, gave us all this wonderful tutorial on how to make your own with any binkie!
  • O-ball gift set – the only toy my daughter would play with at this age was the O-ball. This gift set comes with a couple different toys they can try. I love this brand because of their ergonomic, easy-grip design for babies.
3. Clothes
  • Mittens + Hats – End of december through early march are the coldest days in New Jersey, so a few hats and mittens would be perfect for Christmas!
  • Sleep sacks – if you don’t already have one of these, you need a ton. They usually come in the 0-9 month size, but they’re good until baby starts to crawl. My daughter loved these. This particular one from Carter’s comes in bunch of different color/pattern/size variations.
  • Winter outfits

Gift Ideas for 6-12 Month Olds

This age-group is full of growth. A 6-month-old is way different than a 12-month-old, but a lot of the things that you can get for a 6-month-old can still be used for a 12-month old. Here are some ideas for your baby going on toddler!

1. Learning Toys / Books
  • Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker – Get the type of walker that a 6-month old baby can sit on the floor and play with, like this one!
  • Stacking toy
  • First word book – My daughter loves these books. We started reading them early. Around 12 months she could point to things she knew, and now at 18 months, she can finds, points, and says them out loud all on her own. I always see her reading by herself in her room. It’s the perfect book.
  • Activity table – This activity table is perfect for 6-12 month olds. The table can be used without the legs for babies who can only sit, and then the legs can be added to the table for standing babies! My daughter still plays with hers.
  • Bath toys – Now that you and your baby are finally starting to have fun with bath time, you should get some toys to add to the fun!
2. Supplies for eating solids
  • Spoons
  • Munchkin transition cup – I swear by this cup. It got my daughter from breast straight to sippy cup in a week. I’ve heard similar results for bottles too, so definitely try it!
  • Rubber bibs – I love these because they have pockets to catch the food, and they are all rubber so they can go right in the sink or dishwasher!
3. Clothing
  • Shoes – These ones are adorable for baby who can’t walk and helps them get used to wearing shoes and these pre-walkers are great for babies who can or are learning to walk!
  • Snow suit – If it snows this time of year for you, a snow suit would be fun now that your baby is a little older!
  • This adorable hat-scarf – comes in boy and girl colors 🙂

Gift Ideas for 12-18 Month Olds

Finally, now you’re baby is finally at an age where Christmas gifts make more sense!

1. Toys
2. Big stuff
  • Little Tikes Perfect Fit Tricycle – I love this. My daughter got this for her first birthday and loved it. It starts out enclosed to keep baby in and with a handle to push, and then as they grow, the training stuff just keeps coming off!
  • Tee pee – My daughter loved forts at this age, and crawled into every space imaginable, so a tee-pee is perfect for toddlers who love to explore!
  • Ball pit, tunnel, + tent – If we had the room, our daughter would soooooo get this
3. Little stuff
  • Hard sole boots – for girls, and for boys
  • movies – Now they can finally sit for a movie! My daughter loooooves Moana
  • Sippy Cups – we’ve tried them all and for some reason, these are my favorite

Gift Ideas for 18-24 Month Olds

1. Toys
2. Big stuff
  • Play kitchen – We got our daughter one this Christmas, I cannot wait to see her face when she sees it <3
  • Chair – We just got my daughter one of these, too. She loves reading in it!
  • Bookshelf – love this one because it’s canvas + lightweight so it’s safe for toddlers.
  • Motorized car – might suck to get your toddler BMW before yourself, but we can live vicariously 😉
3. Little stuff
  • Busy book – love this idea. My daughter loves zippers and buttons so I thought this would great.
  • Balls – now they can finally throw things, so why not get them so balls! or you can just buy them a bigger ball
  • Flash cards
  • Lots of books! Now they start get really interested in reading.
  • Cool plates to make eating fun

Okay guys, I could go on forever with gift ideas, but I think I gave you some good ones! Let me know in the comments what you got your infant or toddler for Christmas 🙂

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