8 Ways To Incorporate The Holidays Into Your Gender Reveal

I know Christmas is only 4 days away, but I’m doing this post anyway. I’ve been a serious slacker this month from photo shoots, Christmas responsibilities, and finishing classes. I’ve been a mess to be honest, lol. Any who, two years ago we announced we were having a baby on Thanksgiving and did the gender reveal on Christmas Eve. There’s no better time to do this than the holidays, because it’s already an excuse for everyone to come together! Plus, there are a whole bunch of cute ideas floating around Pinterest. So, I’ve gathered my favorite Christmas + New Years themed gender reveal ideas for you and put them all in one place 😉 Keep reading to see them!

8 Ways To Incorporate The Holidays Into Your Gender Reveal

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It’s coming up quick, but these are all good last minute ideas if you’re still looking for one to take a cute pic to post on social media!


8 Ways To Incorporate The Holidays Into Your Gender Reveal - Ornaments | Christmas
Top left – https://alittleladyandme.com/products/its-a-boy-christmas-ornament Top right – https://bolondonrestaurant.com/gender-reveal-party-food-ideas/ Bottom left – https://www.etsy.com/listing/497838959/gender-reveal-pop-apart-glitter-ornament?shop-update=8230677 Bottom right – http://www.jakecohenphotography.com/

This is such a simple idea, just head to the store and get some pink or blue ornaments! You can also just buy the clear ones and fill them with different stuff like the above pictures. Cute, simple, and it can be a keepsake for future Christmas trees!

Get the colored ornaments here!

String Lights

8 Ways To Incorporate The Holidays Into Your Gender Reveal - String lights | Christmas
Left picture – https://bolondonrestaurant.com/gender-reveal-party-food-ideas/ Top right – By PaperPartyPacks on Etsy Bottom right – could not find source even with an image search, if you know, feel free to comment please!

Love this idea too! It might be harder to find these in stores, but it can also be done with white string lights and some editing!

Get the colored string lights here!


8 Ways To Incorporate The Holidays Into Your Gender Reveal - Presents | Christmas
Top left – By Lenny Pete Photography
Top Right – https://www.pinterest.com/daretobediverse/
Bottom left – Couldn’t find the source to this one either
Bottom right – http://samaraevangeline.blogspot.com/2013/08/morgan-baby-gender-reveal.html

We did this for our reveal. I brought a girl and a boy outfit to the fetal anatomy scan and had the tech put the right outfit in the box I brought and the other one in a black bag. My boyfriend carried them out because I was so psycho I knew the weight difference, LOL. You could also fill a bigger box or a gift sack with balloons or just tie a cute bow around your belly with the coordinating color!

Get the stuff here:

New Years

8 Ways To Incorporate The Holidays Into Your Gender Reveal - New Years | Confetti, Champagne, Fireworks
top left – https://www.sparklersuperstore.com/10-inch-color-sparklers/ Top right – http://inspiringpretty.com/2016/07/12/20-creative-gender-reveal-ideas/ bottom left – https://blog.registryfinder.com/16-awesome-gender-reveal-ideas/ Bottom middle – couldn’t find source bottom right – http://inspiringpretty.com/2016/07/12/20-creative-gender-reveal-ideas/

New Years is a time for fireworks, sparklers, confetti, + champagne, which can also be made into gender reveals! The big ball pinata looks just like New Year’s Eve ball, and the confetti that comes out is even more perfect! You can make your own confetti poppers, too. Champagne fizzies are another great idea, they just change the color of your champagne – pretty awesome. If you’re a “go-big-or-go-home” type of person, then maybe fireworks would be good for you! Or you could just go with sparkers, probably cheaper + safer 😉

Get the stuff here:

I hope you love these ideas! I love, love, love a good gender reveal party. It’s such an exciting time. Don’t worry, my posts will be longer and more thought out after the holidays. I am not kidding when I say I’m worn out. I was like panicking though this article wondering if I’d still have time to get the rest of my to-do list done today 🙁 Wish me luck! Have a great holiday everyone <3

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