Baby Luke | Lumberjack First Birthday Session | Spring 2018, NJ

I’m good at a lot of things, but consistency is not one of them, lol. I love photography and editing, but the business, marketing, and keeping up with social media and my website wasn’t supposed to be in the job description (so 12 year old Delaney thought). So here we are, months later finally catching up with uploading sessions to my site. Facebook is way more active for me so if you wanna head over there, it’s 🙂

SO about this session. Let me just say that I have never met anyone in my life hate cake more than this little man. Like, you put anything sweet in front of a toddler and you expect them to devour it, but all we got was tears, hahaha. Also, got that little lantern off of Amazon (links are after pictures), and made the birthday board of course. So maybe, I’m not consistent, but I’m definitely creative! Happy belated birthday big guy!

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Some stuff for lumberjack session!




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